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Make a Medieval Gun Shield - Part 2: The Shield

In this part of the tutorial we make the shield. I use foam board. But you can use cardboard if that is all you have.


Cut the shield disk

Cut yourself a circle out of foam board. Make it any size you want. I made mine about as big as I could get it. It is almost twenty inches in diameter.






Use a home made compass

An easy way to mark the circle for cutting is to use a scrap of foamboard. Put a pencil in one end and a pin in the other end. Now you can use it like a compass and mark the circle. The pencil goes all the way through the foamboard piece so it writes a line as you rotate.






Add the details Next make some shapes to go on top of the shield. I used the home made compass to make a ring for the outer edge of the shield. It is about an inch and a half wide. Then I added a circle in the middle and some inch and a half wide piece.

You can follow my design or you can make up your own shield. But add additional pieces like I did. They will strengthen the shield.




Let's add a handle


The handle Cut a piece of foamboard or cardboard like this. It should be comfortable for you to grasp. A make it longer than you think. This is because of the way we fold it.






Glue handle to shield

Bend creases in the handle and glue it to the back of the shield like this. Note that if you think your shield is going to take a lot of use then do a double layer thick handle.

NextOk, the shield itself is done. Let's make the gun (continue)




Make a Mini Crossbow

This is a powerful little crossbow that fires straws! Easy to make and whole lot of fun. Make a mini crossbow



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