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Make a Medieval Mace Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we make the spikes for the mace and add the handles and details.


Cut the foam

The foam is one inch thick. So I cut it into one inch wide strips. This is important because we will be making pyramids that have a base of one inch square.





foam spikes

Cut those pieces into pyramid shapes. Make seven to eleven of them.









Glue spike to ball

Apply glue to the spike and attach it to the ball. But first....









Allow glue to cool

But first test things. If you are using hot glue, remember that it might melt the ball, and it might melt the foam spike. So, apply the glue to a piece of scrap wood. Let it cool for a few seconds then use it!

Or, if you are using some kind of glue, test it too. Apply the glue to a scrap of foam and attach it to the ball to see if it works or if it melts things.






Cut a piece of leather

Next we add a comfortable handle grip to the mace. I cut a rectangle of leather. There are many things you can use for this including leather, vinyl or cloth. And it is optional. You could always go without a handle grip.






Apply handle to mace

I used hot glue and wrapped the leather around the handle.

Notice how the leather is one inch from the end of the mace handle.






The Metal Bands

Next we add "metal" bands to the handle.








Cut foam in half

To make the bands cut one inch wide strips of foamboard. Then cut them in half along the side like this. This reduces the thickness of the foamboard and makes it much easier to wrap around the handle.






Wrap the bands around the handle one each end of the leather. Then add some rivets with hot glue.

GLue band on    Add rivets


NextLet's finish the mace by painting it



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