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Make a Medieval Mace Part 4: Painting it

In this part of the tutorial we finish the mace by painting it.


Paint the spikes

You can paint it any way you like, and have some fun with it. But if you want to make it look "medieval" then you should use a lot of black! I tried a few different paint variations and settled on this one as my favorite.







The color scheme


Ok, That's it. The mace is complete. Let's take a look at some variations on how to make it if you don't have the same materials that I have.


Here is the bigger mace that I made. Some of the variations with it are that the ball of it is a ten inch foam ball. The spikes are foam and those spikes are two different sizes. I like the variation in size for the spikes. It gives it a really good look. I wrapped the handle with a thick batting material and wrapped it with masking tape.

The big big mace


Crumple newspaper

If you don't have a foam ball you can bunch up newspaper to make one. Pack it nice and dense for strength.








Newspaper mace

Insert the handle into the newspaper ball, and wrap everything with masking tape. You can add more newspaper, make it more layers and keep workingon it until it is the shape and size you want.







So that's it. Whatever type of mace you make You are ready to......

The three maces we made


... to fight dragons!!

The dragon and the mace




Attack on titan sword

Make the Attack on Titan Sword

This is an easy project that turns out great. You just need one sheet of foamboard. How to make the Attack on Titan Sword


Medieval mace a morning star


Want to Draw a Medieval Mace? I have a tutorial in the Fantasy Art School right here.