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Make a Mini Crossbow part 4 - Make the crossbow bolts


In this part of the tutorial we finish things up by making the crossbow bolts. And then we fire this thing off!!



Let's Make the Crossbow Bolts


Cut cotton swabs

Cut yourself some straws to about a length of six inches.

And cut some Q-tips in half.


insert swab into straw

This is a little tricky to see but put some glue in the end of the straw then insert the q-tip right in there. Put it so the q tip puffy part is sticking right out.

Hot glue gun is terrific and easy for this.


Glue other end of straw

Now put a solid amount of glue into the straw at the other end. Fill it up. This forms a solid plug that the rubber band will slam against. But wipe any excess around the edges. If it is too bloated it won't slide through the guide.

Make as many of these as you want!

And you can make yourself a quiver for the bolts in any number of ways such as a little cardboard box or cut a cup to make it thinner.


Paint it

Now the only thing remaining is to paint the things up! We painted pretty much everything brown.


Add paint details

And added some ornamental decorations.


Sealing the crossbow

You can preserve the color and keep your hands cleaner if you seal the whole thing with something like a spray sealant or a gloss gel.


Cock the  rubber band

You load the crossbow by pulling back the rubber band and putting it over the back of the trigger popsicle stick. You can adjust that stick up or down.

Optionally you can do this without the trigger at all. Just pull back and release.


crossbow loaded

The crossbow is loaded and ready to fire... errr. after I put a bolt in there!


red paint

Before firing it you can dip the q-tip (cotton swab) in watery red paint. This way it leaves a mark on your target. Often it will cause the bolt to stick!


shoot it!

There you go! It stuck right to the target!




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