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Make A Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree


We love christmas trees of all kinds, shapes and sizes. We have a pine cone christmas tree and that is terrific. You can also make a christmas tree out of pipe cleaners.

That's what this project does. We make a christmas tree out of pipe cleaners and then decorate it with a few fun little things do.



The completed tree


Step one

Start the christmas tree by forming the trunk. that's the folded in half piece on the left. Then make a little x with two small pieces of pipe cleaner.


Twist it

Now twist that folded over one so it looks like this.


Add the x shapes

Now fold that X you made rigtht into the top of the tree.


Add more

Make another X just a little bit larger than the first one. And crimp that one to the tree just below the first one. You will continue this process all the way down the tree. Making each consecutive one just a little larger than the previous one.


Double them up

And to get that tree looking nice and full you can double up those stars. It will fill out the tree nicely.


shape the stand

Once you get down near the bottom of the tree you can shape those two loose legs into hoops that act as a stand.


glue on ornaments

Now you can brush on a little glue or mod-podge and then you can attach all kinds of fun little things like gems and jewels.


Add glitter

And don't forget the glitter.


The completed pipe cleaner tree

Your Tree is done. Yay!



12" Long Metallic Moss Green Craft Pipe Cleaners - 4 Packages of 25 - 100 Total

If you really want to make a spectacular pipe cleaner tree you might try these.


Charles Leonard Inc., Chenille Stems, 4 mm/12 Inches, Green, 100/Bag (65425)


Best of Christmas Ideas (Better Homes & Gardens Crafts)


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