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Make a Pirate Cutlass with a secret treasure chest - Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we finish making the sword by adding the lid of the treasure chest.


Pierce a hole

We are going to use a toothpick as a hinge so the treasure chest lid can open and close.

Put the lid in place like this. Then pierce this corner with a toothpick. Pierce through the lid and deep into the sword assembly.

If necessary, use some kind of tool like an awl to pierce the hole.





round the corner

Note that you may need to round the corner of the lid in order for it to open and close smoothly. I rounded it with a pair of scissors.







Glue in the toothpick

Remove the lid and glue a toothpick into the sword section like this.








Make a clip

Place the lid on the toothpick and then make yourself a little clip like this out of foamboard or cardboard. This is just a small square with a toothpick hole in it.








Glue it on

Now place that clip right on top of the treasure chest lid and glue it to the toothpick. Don't glue it to the lid. The lid should at no point get any glue on it. Or it won't open!








Trim the toothpick

Ok, finish the lid by trimming the toothpick.









Test the hinge

Test the lid to make sure it opens and closes smoothly.









The cutlass is built

Ok, the cutlass is complete. Let's continue and finish it by painting it.







Gun ShieldMake a Gun Shield

It is a shield and it is a gun. I spotted this peculiar weapon in a museum and thought it would be fun to make. I show you how. And it really shoots (gumballs)

Make a Gun Shield




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