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Make a Pirate Cutlass with a secret treasure chest - Part 4: Painting it


In this part of the tutorial we finish the cutlass by painting it.

This is the painting scheme that I used but you can paint it any way you like.


The colors

Here is the painting scheme that I used.

The Blade is silver.

The Grip is black.

The knuckle guard is gold.



Now we just have to do the pommel and the treasure chest.


Paint the wooden chest

I start the treasure chest by painting it brown with very distinct brush strokes so it has a wood grain look to it.








add handle details

Then I added the details on the treasure chest using paint pens and a black sharpie. It now looks like a treasure chest.

And I used a pencil and a smudge stick to add some details to the handle grip.






draw skull

Now finish the sword by drawing a skull on the pommel. I added an eyepatch.









And that's it! Your Pirate Cutlass is done. Here I am opening the treasure chest to see what is inside.

The completed sword

I made a pirate treasure map!

The treasure map


That Treasure map is drawn on paper that I made. Want to make your own paper? I have a tutorial:


How to Make Paper! (for beginners)

I been putting this project off for a long time because I thought it would be challenging. Wow I was wrong. Paper making is so easy to do! And it comes out great. I love this and you are going to love it too! The possibilities are endless for scrolls, origami, fine writing and so much more. How to Make Paper


Make the Saw Cleaver from Bloodborne

This is an interesting and fairly easy project you can make with two sheets of foam board and a little paint. I give you the template! And it really works. You can open and close it! Make the Saw Cleaver from Bloodborne.



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