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How to Make a Rapier part 2: The Handle

In this part of the tutorial we make the handle of the rapier.


Trace the handle

In the template there is an image of the handle. Place that sheet of paper on foamboard and trace it. You trace it with a blunt pencil and press down firmly.

This will leave indents in the foamboard.


Draw out the lines

Now remove the sheet of paper and you can see those indents on the foam board. Draw them out with a pencil.


Cut the piece out

Go ahead and cut the handle out. But don't yet cut out the section that my finger is pointing to. Leave that alone for the moment.


Apply Glue

Apply glue to the handle.


GLue handle down

Glue that handle piece right down onto a piece of foamboard. Press it down firmly so it glues well.


Cut out completed handle

Now go ahead and cut that stack right out of the foam board and you can cut away the area of the knuckle guard. You end up with a handle that is two layers of foam board thick like you see here.

Use some sandpaper to clean up the edges and make them nice and smooth.


Next we will attach the blade to the handle.


Mark the tabs

Mark the tab of the handle like this. Flip it over and mark the other side the same way.


Cut out tabs on handle

Cut away the section that is marked X in the previous photo.

Flip the handle over to the other side and do the same thing. Mark it and cut away half of it.

You want the two cut halves to be diagonally across from each other just like we did on the blade.


Glue together sword halves

This is so the handle tabs fit into the tabs on the blade like you see in the picture here. Go ahead and slide those two parts together and glue them.


good fit


Parts are glued

The two pieces are glued and look good!

NextLet's continue and make the intricate guard work on the handle






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