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How to Make a Rapier part 3: The ornamental guard work

In this part of the tutorial we finish making the rapier by adding the various detail work.


Cut out piece 2

The second page of the template has this piece. Just as you did with the handle of the sword take that page from the template, place it on foam board and trace it.

Then cut it out.


Glue piece onto blade

Slide that piece right over the blade of the sword. Move it until it covers the seam on the sword and glue it in place.


Cut out third piece

Next trace and cut out this third piece.

Now we want those legs on this piece to curve. But curving the foamboard doesn't work well, it will just wrinkle.


Cut leg thickness

On all fur of those legs you should cut away the top layer of paper and some of the foam. This way we can curve them.


Glue third piece on

This picture shows what I mean by cutting away the top layer of the legs.


Glue legs

Slide that piece onto the blade of the sword and then curve those legs and glue them to the piece we had previoulsly installed.


Sword looks good

Looks good.

Next cut yourself three strips of foamboard that are about 3/8 inch wide. Make them pretty long.

And then shave them down in half like we did with the legs on the previous piece. That means cutting off one layer of paper and about half of the foam. This way we can curve them.


How hand guards go

Are you left handed or right handed? This is important for the next step.

Pick up the sword with the hand you want to wield with. I am holding the sword with my left.

And see how we are going to put these new strips over the back of your hand? Make note of that.

If you are right handed it will be different.


Glue hand guard on

The three strips will go from the blade guard to the knuckle guard like you see here. You can easily curve them so they have a nice look.


Three hand guards in place

ok! That's it. The three strips are glued on and they look good.

This is how I did it and I like it. But you can experiment with these strips, just do two, or do four. Or add even more strips.

NextAlmost done. Let's finish the rapier



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