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How to Make a Rapier out of foamboard or cardboard.

The Rapier was a very popular personal weapon between the 15th and 17th centuries. It was a sidearm, a personal protection weapon and a dueling weapon.

The rapier was also a very long sword being usually between 40 and 45 inches. Yet considerably narrower than most swords.

It was both a slashing and a thrusting weapon although over the two century period it got thinner and thinner becoming more of just a thrusting weapon.

Eventually it was replaced by the epee which was a very thin, exclusively thrusting weapon.

The template for this project is here

This project also comes with a video. It is at the bottom of the page.

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Here is the rapier we make in this tutorial

Foam board rapier


The blade on this sword is only an inch and a half wide. But we make it in a way that it is still reasonably strong so you can swing this sword around and have some fun with it.

Want to learn more about rapiers? Or interested in buying one or seeing how much they cost? I have a page with more information about real ones right here: Rapiers


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Materials and Tools:

  • 1 sheet of foamboard (20x30 and 5mm thick) or a large piece of cardboard You can buy it on amazon here
  • Some kind of glue or adhesive, or hot glue gun
  • Paints: Black, Silver, Gold
  • The Template (Right here)
  • Hobby knife or xacto knife

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There are two interesting things about this project. First off it is a narrow blade (1.5 inches wide)yet we make it in a way that it is reasonably strong. And the seocnd thing is that you can exercise a lot of creativity when it comes to making the ornate work around the handle. That ornate work is a lot of fun. I show you how to make it and it looks good. But you can experiment and make your own guard work too.

Let's Get Started! First we make the blade of the rapier.


Cut the blade

We first make the blade of the rapier.

Cut yourself a three inch wide piece of foamboard. Make it as long as you can. If you cut it from the length of a sheet of foam board it will be thirty inches long which is pretty good.





Cut the blade in half

Draw a line right down the center of that blade. Then cut that line. But only cut the top layer of paper and a little bit of the foam. You don't want to cut all the way through the foam board.

Then fold it right in half on that cut. This folding of the sword halves will make for a pretty strong sword.

Dont' glue it yet. Unfold it so it is flat again.


Cut the mating end

Cut one end of that sword blade like this.

This is how we will attach the blade to the handle.








Cut the point of the blade

Fold the sword along the cut you had made and on the other end mark and cut the point of the sword.







Glue and fold it

Ok, we can finish the blade. Apply glue or hot glue to it, fold it over and press it firmly so it glues well.






NextOkay, the blade is done. Let's make the handle of the rapier


Watch the Video Tutorial here:




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