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How to Make a Roman Scutum - Part 2 (The Boss)


In this part of the tutorial we make the boss that goes in the center of the shield. that is the gold bowl shaped object.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Corrugated cardboard

Cut yourself a piece of corrugated cardboard about twelve in ches square. Use thin corrugated cardboard. Pizza box is pretty good for this.


Soak the cardboard

Soak it in water for at least an hour. You want it to get nice and soft. The time may vary for you.


A bowl

We are going to shape that soaking cardboard over a bowl. Select a bowl that is the size you want your boss to be.


Form cardboard over the bowl

Place that soaked cardboard over the bowl and shape it to the bowl with your hands.


The wet cardboard

It looks good!


The handle template

Now draw out two I shaped handles on foam board. These are about fourteen inches in length.

Curve the handle

Cut those pieces out and glue them together like this, with a nice curve in them. This way you can slide your hand under the handle part in the center.


Apply handle

Now glue that handle into the shield. Center it both between top and bottom and left right.


THe handle looks good

It looks and feels good. You can trim the width of the handle for your hands and you can wrap it with cloth or tape if you want to.

Next Ok, Let's Paint things and put it all together


Elven shield

Make the Elven Shield from Lord of the Rings

This is an easy to make project. The shield itself is just one sheet of foamboard. And I show you a neat technique for curving it!

Make the Elven Shield from Lord of the Rings



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