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How to Make a Ship in a Bottle - Odysseus and the Sirens: Part 4


In this part of the tutorial we take a short look at the miniatures for the project.

I don't cover the sculpting. I have a complete tutorial on sculpting miniatures right here.



The wire armature

Odysseus is roped against the mast of the ship so we need to sculpt him in that pose. I put a dowel in a cork then created a wire armature.


Procreate putty

Then I used a product called Procreate. It is a two part epoxy putty specifically made for sculpting small figures with excellent detail.


Mix the putty

You mix equal parts of the putty together and it is ready to sculpt. You have about two hours of workable time with it. Then it is hard like plastic.


The sculpted Odysseus

That's it. Odysseus is sculpted. He just needs to be painted then glued to the mast. Or should I say be tied to the mast!


The sculpted siren

I followed the same process and sculpted two sirens.

NextOk, everything is made. Let's work on the bottle by adding the water then installing the ship and the figures!



A Horse Called Panzer

This is a terrific little diorama that is simple and very detailed. You can learn how to do something like this and see more pictures right here. Never made a military diorama but want to? You can start with something like this, one or two figures on a base. A Horse Called Panzer


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