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How to Make a Ship in a Bottle - Odysseus and the Sirens: Part 5


In this part of the tutorial we create the water in the bottle.


I made a stand for the bottle out of foam board.


Make a standBottle on the stand


Next we add the water to the bottle.

Casting resin - Alumilite

I am using alumilite clear cast. It is a two part resin and very easy to use.








Mix the resin

You simply pour equal amounts of the two parts into a container. I am using a clear glass container so I can see the color.








Add blue food coloring

I added two drops of blue food coloring and stirred it thoroughly. Now it will begin to set but it takes hours so we have time to work with it.









Pour resin into bottle

I made a long spout out of a paper towel tube then poured the resin into it so it filled the bottom of the jug.






The water looks good

It looks good. Set it aside and keep it nice and level for 24 hours while that resin sets.

NextLet's continue and install the ship






Amazing Clear Cast

Amazing Putty Amazing Clear Cast Kit. Amazing clear cast is a two- part liquid used to make extremely detailed designs out of your Amazing Putty mold, or as a protective layer of furniture and more. Easy to use and long lasting. This package contains two 8 ounces bottles of clear coating and casting resin (mix portions out of each bottle together in order to create a casting), two stir sticks, three measuring cups that fits up to 2 tablespoons of liquid and easy-to-follow instructions. Made in USA.


How to make a miniature house

Fun project and it all is very suited for making dollhouses too. This is foamboard at its best! And this tutorial includes a youtube video. How to Make a miniature house.

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