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Make a Sikh Dagger - continued


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the dagger.

Part 1 of this tutorial (including video) is here.




Cut out the ornamental pattern pieces

Cut out the four ornamental pattern pieces. The two for the sheath you see here. There are two more for the handle of the dagger.


Affix the detail sheet

Glue those pieces down to the dagger and sheath. The ornamental pieces are a little bit over sized so once the glue has set you can trim them down to size. If you have glue stick use that for doing this. Otherwise use a thin coat of white glue. Water the white glue down a bit.


Trim it


Attach the pattern

We do the same thing on the handle.


Paint details

Now let's do a little bit of painting and detail work to finish this dagger. Paint the band silver.


Paint the blade

And paint the blade silver.


Strengthen the details

One last thing you might want to do is brighten up the colors of the ornamental designs. I used a pen for the dark lines and a red pencil to brighten up the red parts.


And that's it! Your dagger is done! If you make this project be sure to send me a picture!

The completed knife



Make a Damascus Steel knife out of paper

a Damascus Steel knife out of paper

Damascus steel is the commonly used name for pattern welded steel. It has beautiful lines and patterns in it. In this tutorial I show you how to make a knife in this style using layers of paper.

Make a Damascus Steel paper knife


Make a foam knife that looks real

Just a piece of foam board and you can make a Sub-hilt knife which is specially designed for knife fighting. Well, this one is just foam so it isn't really for fighting! But it looks good! I give you the template. Make a foam board knife

a foam board knife



Jambiya Knife

The Jambiya is found in every country that has been inhabited by the Arabs, from Turkey to the Balkans, even in Spain. It is unsure how old this exotic knife type is. Our offering is of the form found in Persia and India and is worn at the stomach under a sash or belt. Beautiful solid hardwood grip with decorative rondels. Hardwood scabbard covered in thin black leather with nickel tip.




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