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Make a Skeleton Marionette Part 4 - Putting it together


The beginning of this tutorial is right here

In this part of the tutorial we paint the marionette and put it all together.



Now let's paint it. I use just three colors: Black, White and Gray. You can paint your skeleton any colors you like! Let me show you how I did it.

First I painted the torso section under the ribs a black color. This makes it tend to disappear and brings out the ribs.







Paint everything else a base coat of white. Then have some fun with the gray and black. Here I have painted the skull white now I am adding gray inside the eye sockets. A little black will go in those sockets too.








Here is a nice little tip to do with the gray. Underneath any of the bulbous sections you can dab in some gray. This gives it some depth and will make the bones look much better.









Make wire rings

Now let's connect the bones together. We do this with rings that we make out of wire.










And use those rings to connect the various bones together. See why we needed hoops to stick out of the clay? Hold off on doing the head connection to the neck. How you do this will depend on whether or not you want the head to come off of if you want a simpler marionette.








I have two sections next. Choose which way you want to go with the marionette:

NextThe easy marionette


NextThe head popping marionette (more stringing)



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