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How to Make a Skeleton Marionette - This is a fun Halloween Project!


This is a really fun little project and it has multiple aspects which I like. The first aspect is that you get to make it. But secondly it is something that is to be used and learned and I like that a whole lot.

With just a few basic supplies you can spend many hours learning how to manipulate a marionette. It doesn't get much better than that! You can even put on shows for friends and family. This is something that I have done.

The Quirky and fun thing about this marionette is that it's head pops off - and comes back on. Just a little bit of manipulation with the strings is all it takes.

I also have a video tutorial for this project at the bottom of the page.

I have the template for this project right here

I even made a marionette theatre for my marionettes. You can find that tutorial right here.



The Marionette we make


Two Methods of Stringing this Marionette

The skeleton marionette strings

In this tutorial I give you two different methods of stringing up this marionette. The first method is the easy way if you just want to have some marionettte fun. The second method is a little more and it shows you how to string it up if you want the head to pop off and if you want the marionette to bend over and pick it up!





The marionette lost its head

In this picture our skeleton has lost his head! LOL and he is bending over to try to find it.







Overview of how we make it:

First we make the various bone pieces for the skeleton. We do this with clay over wire. Then we connect all the various bones together. Add the strings and wood and we are done. It is really quite that simple.


Materials Needed for this Project:

  • The Template
  • Sculpey or Super Sculpey or some kind of bake in the oven clay
  • String, almost any kind will do. Thread will work too but is prone to breaking
  • Two pieces of thin wood to make the hand held piece
  • Paints - Black and White
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Wire - 16 gauge or 14 gauge, you can scrounge some random wire up. most wire will work for this, aluminum, copper etc.
  • Pliers to work the wire into shapes and rings


The Clay I use for this project:

Sculpey Original Clay, 3-3/4-Pound, White




The toaster oven

It is an easy to use bakeable clay. You pop it in an oven or toaster oven to harden it.





NextOkay! Let's start making this Marionette



Easy Marionette Project

This is an easy marionette project that uses paper mache rather than oven baked clay. This is a great project for beginners and children. How to make a marionette.






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