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Make a Star Wars Light Dagger - Part 4

In this part of the tutorial we add the details to the handle of the dagger then we paint it.

Part 1 of this tutorial (the beginning) is here



In the template we have all the various pieces that go on the handle. Trace them all and cut them out of foam board. This is my way of making the details. But you always have the option and the freedom to make any details you want.







Cut those details out and glue them onto the handle. The template shows you exactly where each one goes.







Now let's paint it!

Paint the handle unit black. Do not apply any paint to the blade.


Then paint it silver using a dry brushing technique. This is where you put silver paint on your brush and dab almost all of it off the brush. You can see that I dabbed most of the silver paint off on the brown paper bag. Then you lightly brush over the light dagger. This leaves small amounts of silver paint.





Notice in this picture how the dry brushing came out. Looks great.

Then go ahead and paint the button. Paint it the same color as you intend to paint the dagger blade.

Notice too that I painted the small added pieces a solid silver color.




Now let's paint the blade. And it is important that we don't actually put any paint on the blade! This is because the wetness of the paint will warp the foamboard. And if it warps it probably will not slide smoothly in and out of the handle.

So what do we do to avoid this warping?

NextLet's continue and find out what to do




Make Gauntlets out of Craft Foam

Yup! that is craft foam and these gauntlets look terrific. I show you how to make them and I also give you the template which makes it so easy. Print up the template, cut out the pieces and then trace onto craft foam. I have a video tutorial too. Make Gauntlets out of craft foam



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