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Make a viking axe out of foam board part 3

In this part of the tutorial we bevel the blade and add the wrap around axe head.


Draw the bevel

Draw a line on the axe blade about 1/2 of an inch from the blade end. We will bevel this. Flip the axe over and do the same on the other side.


Cut the bevel

Then use a sharp knife to cut the bevels. This can be a bit tricky. You might want to practice on a scrap of foam board first.


Sand the bevel

Gently sand the bevel with sandpaper to smooth it out. Go easy on this. The foam core sands very quickly and easily.

Next we are going to strengthen and harden that bevel.


Mod podge

You can paint the bevel with mod podge. This will harden and strengthen it. If you don't have mod podge you can mix white glue 50/50 with water and use that.


Apply spackle to bevel

Or you can use a material called Spackling. It is kind of like a plaster. It goes on easy and will dry hard. The particular type that I use is pretty neat. It spreads on pink in color. And as it dries it turns white. So, when it is completely white you know it is dry.

DAP Spackle

DAP DryDex Spackle


Now let's make the axehead wrap-around piece.

Mark the wrap around

Mark that piece like this at the dotted red lines. We are going to cut away half the depth of the foamboard where all the X's are.


Cut the paper

Cut half way through the foam board on those dotted lines.


CUt it in half

Then cut away half the depth of the foamboard in that area marked with the X's. You are removing the top layer of paper and about half the foam.


remove half the depth

Remove the half.


Sand the foam

And sand the now exposed foam so it is smooth.


Glue it onto the axe

Apply glue to the whole thing and wrap it around the head of the axe, matching it to the axe head.


The spackle is almost dry

Remember that once the coating on the bevel has dried you can sand the bevel smooth. You can see here that the spackle is almost dried (The pink is almost all gone).


NextOkay, let's finish the axe by painting it and applying the ornamental work


Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer, Glue and Finish (16-Ounce), CS11302 Matte Finish

Mod Podge dries clear in approximately 15-20 minutes and can be sanded to a smooth finish. Apply with brush or sponge applicator. Close container after each use. Clean up with water while wet. Once dry, Mod Podge cannot be removed. Use as a puzzle saver, a sealer glue, a quick finish, a textured finish,or a build-up finish." Non-toxic.



Make the Gunblade from Final Fantasy

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the Assassin's Creed Tomahawk

Make the Assassin's Creed Tomahawk

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