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Make a Viking Axe part 4: Finishing it

In this part of the tutorial we finish the axe by painting it and adding the celtic ornamental designs to it.


The paint scheme

Painting it is easy. Simply paint the whole axe head and blade silver. And paint the handle brown. Of course you can have some fun with this and paint it any way you want.

Let's do the ornamental work

Cut out the ornamental work

If you haven't done it yet go ahead and cut out the two ornamental patterns on in the template.


Put ornament template on axe

place the pattern on the axe like this.


Trace the ornamental work

Then with a blunted pencil or a ball point pen trace the pattern. Press down firmly. You are transferring the pattern from the paper to the axe. And you want a nice indent in the foam board of the axe.


Darken the lines

Then fill in those indents with a pen, sharpie or black marker.


The ornamental work is done

And that's it. The ornamental work looks good. YOu can of course do your own celtic ornamental work. Something fancier might look good. And you can do it on the part of the axe head that wraps around the handle too.


And that's it! your Viking Axe is done.

The completed viking axe



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