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Make a Witcher 3 Sword with Glowing Runes - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we start the actual building of the sword.

Part 1 of this tutorial (the beginning) is here



We cut out those seven pieces and here they are.





Let's fit the pieces for the battery pack. Take your battery pack and size it up against the rectangular holes. Make the holes larger if needed so the battery pack fits right in easily.





Lets temporarily assemble the sword.

This picture shows the order that you stack them. Put piece 1 down on the table then put piece 2 down on top of that. Then put piece 3 on top, put piece 4 on top then put piece 5 on top.



This is what you end up with.






Ok, let's continue. Write on the top of that stack "Outside"

And this is important: Hold the sword stack together and flip it over. Then write "outside" again on the top of the stack.




We now have two piece that are marked like this.







Flip those two pieces over so the word "outside doesn't show and then draw a line right down the center of the blades. Just like you see here. I have made a blue line to show you.


Now cut through those lines you just drew. But, only cut through the top layer of paper and some of the foam. We are not cutting all the way through.


NextOkay, continue with the tutorial



The Creativity of it - This is an interesting little project and I went through a whole lot of foam board to get to the final project. Want to learn about the creative process of this project? I have a bit about it here.





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