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Make a Witcher 3 Sword with Glowing Runes - Part 4


In this part of the tutorial we actually make the sword. Yay!

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Place one of the blade lengths down on the table then glue one of the spacer pieces onto it. Now put the battery pack in and run the wires down the length of the blade.



Run those LED wires back and forth along the length of the sword. Stagger them in a way that gives you a nice even distribution of lights. You don't want them all bunched up. Use some cellophane tape to tape it all down. And notice that I cut a channel on the far left near the battery compartment. This channel stores the excess wire. It is optional but nice.




Lets' continue making it. Once the wiring is nice glue on the guard piece like this.








Then glue on the second spacer.









This angle gives you a good look at what we have so far.








Now glue on the second blade piece. Just apply glue to the handle area not the blade area yet. I will show you more of that.

But.... take note of something before gluing this on. You need a way to get at the switch on the battery box. So...






So... cut yourself a little hole in that piece so you can get at the switch.








Now we are doing an optional piece. This isn't in the template but it is easy to do and you can cut it to custom size of your sword. This is a collar piece. Measure and cut two out. One for each side of the sword.







It will loook like this.









Now glue the two pommel pieces together and then glue that stack onto the end of the sword.








Ok, pinch the blades a little bit so we get that nice wedge and triangular bevel then glue the two halves together.

When gluing these halves together do it in stages. Don't try to put a bead of glue along the whole length. Do six or eight inches and hold the halves together so the glue sets then continue until the whole blade assembly is done.





Ok! The building of the sword is done. Optionally you can do a little sanding and some touch up work to make it look good.

NextNow we can continue to finishing the sword by painting it








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