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Make an EVA Double Bladed Axe: Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we finish making the EVA foam Axe.


Sand the bevels

Sand the bevels smooth. I started with 100 grit sandpaper for rough shaping. Then finished it with 200 grit sandpaper.


I modified the axe shapes

I ended up changing my mind and switching to the more ornate axe heads. So I used that template to modify the axe heads.


Add chanels for details

A nice detail is to cut shallow channels in the axe heads at the edges where the blade meets the supporting braces.


Glue the axe heads to the PVC pipe about one inch from the end.

Glue axe heads onto PVC handle



Next let's make the handle. I am using a piece of leather.
I cut a strip about ten inches by 6 inches.


Cut leather for handle


Then wrap it and glue it onto the PVC handle about two inches from the end.

Glue the leather handle on


Next we put a collar on each end of the handle. Cut a strip of EVA foam about an inch wide. Then cut it in half along the side. This is to thin it. Full thickness EVA doesn't wrap well around the handle.

Cut EVA along edge to halve it


Then wrap a strip around the handle at each end of the leather.

Glue on handle collars


Now paint the blades silver.

Paint it silver


Then put some black in the various channels you cut.

Add black details


And finish off the axe by cutting a point out of EVA foam and inserting it into the end of the PVC pipe.

Make and add the point


And that's it! Your Axe is complete.

EVA foam double bladed axe



Make an EVA foam dagger

EVA foam is a thick foam that is terrific for cosplay armor and LARP weapons. Want to get started working with it? This tutorial is perfect. The dagger is strong yet safe. Make an EVA foam dagger.


EVA Foam Mace

Make an EVA foam Flanged Mace

If you want a flanged mace you can use for cosplay or for some simple sparring I will show you how to make one out of EVA Foam which is a strong and moderately durable foam which will be safe but able to take some use as an actual mace.

If you are interested only in making this weapon you can skip to that part of the tutorial right here: EVA Foam Mace for Sparring and Cosplay.