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Make an EVA foam dagger part 2 - Painting and ornamenting it

In this part of the tutorial we finish making the foam dagger.


Use a sharpie or marker to draw any decorative lines that you like. I kept it pretty simple, separating out with lines the guard and the pommel.


Draw detail lines


Then cut out the grooves. They are V shaped channels. They make for nice separation between the parts of the knife. Use a sharp knife.

Cut grooves


You can also experiment with other tools and techniques. I used a dremel to do the detail work around the pommel. This will be a pommel ring and a red jewel.

Do detail work


Now have some painting it. You can use regular acrylic paints. I used speedball paint. I like using speedball for silver and gold colors.

Paint it


You can paint the handle, you can wrap it in electrical tape. Or you can do like I did and paint it with plasti-dip. This is a special rubber coating.

plasti dip


And that's it! Paint it any way you want. Have fun with it. And you really should make two of them. That way you and your friend can have dagger combat fun with these safe but durable EVA foam daggers.

Two daggers





Mandalore mask

Make a Mandalore the Ultimate's Mask

This is an excellent EVA Foam tutorial showing you how to make a mask. You can use these techniques to make just about any mask. EVA Foam is terrific! This tutorial was shared with us by a web visitor. How to Make Mandalore the Ultimate's Mask.



EVA Foam MaceBonus Material with this tutorial: If you want a flanged mace you can use for cosplay or for some simple sparring I will show you how to make one out of EVA Foam which is a strong and moderately durable foam which will be safe but able to take some use as an actual mace.

If you are interested only in making this weapon you can skip to that part of the tutorial right here: EVA Foam Mace for Sparring and Cosplay.