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Make Craft Foam Armor Vambraces Part 4: Painting and finishing


In this part of the tutorial I show you three different options for painting them.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



No matter which way you will eventually paint it you should start out with a nice coat of black paint. This will give it depth, and strength. And it will bring out the colors more.

Don't forge to do the bottom halves and the insides of the vambraces too.








If you want a nice aged metallic look you can brush on silver acrylic paint. This gives the armor a nice aged look. Use a brush with strong bristles for this and allow bits of black to show through.






Or you can use a spray on metallic silver paint. This gives the vambraces a terrific new metal look.








Gold paint is also a great option. Either brush on or spray on just like we did with the silver.

NextOkay, The only thing remaining is to assemble the two parts of each vambrace together. Continue with the tutorial






How to Make Foam Armor shoulders and arms

Fun and easy armor making tutorial using craft foam and cereal box cardboard. I give you the template which makes it easy. Make Foam Armor Shoulders and Arms.






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