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Make Craft Foam Armor Vambraces - Part 5: Finishing them



Okay! This is where we finish off the vambraces by attaching the two halves of each one together.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Put a bead of hot glue along one edge of the lower half of the vambrace set.

Note: If after it dries you have trouble with the glue keeping the two halves together you can reglue it. But first scrape off some of the paint where the glue goes. This will create a better seal. With some paints the glue doesn't hold as well as it should.





Then press the two parts together just like this.

This is the hinged side. On the other side we want to be able to open and close it so we can get the vambraces on and take them off when we want to.








To make it able to open and close we will use strips of velcro. Glue a strip of velcro onto the bottom half of the vambrace like this. This is just like you had done with the hot glue.

And then put the mating velcro strip onto the inside of the vambrace top. The yellow arrow shows you where.

About the velcro: It does have glue on it but often that glue isn't strong enough so you might have to glue these strips down with hot glue.



Now you can close the vambrace, sticking the two velcro halves to each other.








Now you can slide your arm into the gauntlet.








And close it up.









That's It! Your vambraces are done. Be sure to send me a picture!!! I have all the foam armor pieces to make a suit of armor right here




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