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Make Dark Repulser Part 4: Painting it


In this part of the tutorial we paint and finish the sword.

Part 1 (the beginning) of this tutorial is here



Hunter green paint

This sword has a very unique metallic green look to it. I will show you how to achieve this.

We only need three colors to paint this sword. A dark green, a light green and a silver. And of course you have the flexibility to paint your sword any shades of green you want. Or any colors whatsoever.

The dark green we use is "Hunter Green".


Add silver paint

Add some silver to it. This will give it that very unique green metal look. And if you want a really authentic look you can experiment with this. Add some silver, paint on some scrap foam and add more silver as you see it needs it.


Paint the handle

Go ahead and paint the handle. Don't paint that little strip of cereal box cardboard on the handle. It took us two coats to get it deep and rich.


Add a lighter green

Now let's do the rest of the sword a lighter color. We are using Mint green. And because this is a lighter color we are going to have to do more coats. So...


Paint the blade

So... paint on a layer of the mint green. (Paint everything except that handle we had painted the dark green )And if it still seems thin you can paint on a second layer of it. That is what we did - two coats of plain mint green. This forms a base.


Paint the edges black

We will soon be painting the edges of the sword silver so you might want to paint them black first. This will make the silver show up easier and avoid multiple coats.


Add silver to the light green

Now let's finish the green of the sword. Add some silver to your light green ( mint green).


Paint the blade again

Now go ahead and paint everything, except those blade edges, with your silver/mint green. We did two coats.


Paint the edge silver

Go ahead and paint the sword edging silver.


Seal it

Once the paint dries go ahead and seal it if you have some kind of spray on sealant. We used a high gloss Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel.


You have made Dark Repulser!!

The completed dark repulser


CLose up of the handle



The Dragonbone sword

Make the Skyrim DragonBone Sword

Wonderful sword and built as if a dragon's bone is Iron banded to the handle. I like it! And of course I give you the template. Make the DragonBone Sword



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