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Make the Deadpool Katanas - Part 3 the Harness

In this part of the tutorial we make the harness to hold the katanas on your back just like deadpool does.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here




There are three template pages that make up the harness.


You don't have to cut these pieces out of the template. Simply place the sheets on foamboard and draw over the lines, pressing firmly.

This leaves an indent in the foam that you can see. Remove the template foam and you can see the indents, draw them out. The pattern is transferred to the foam board!


For all the harness pieces you trace one onto foam board. Except for this one. You trace two of this one.


Go ahead and cut out all those pieces.


Notice that these four parts of the harness have dashed lines on them. Transfer these dashed lines to the foam board.


And after you have cut these pieces out of the foam board you then cut them on those dashed lines but only through the top layer of paper. This way you can fold them like you see here.


Now glue those onto one of the base pieces. This picture shows where they go.

I recommend you glue them in this order:

Part 1 first

Part 3 second

Part 2 third

And part 4 last.


While you are gluing these pieces in you should always be testing the fit with your two katanas to insure they slide well and fit well.


Now glue the other base plate right on top of that assembly.


And glue the ornamental piece on top of that.

NextOkay! Let's finish this harness by adding the strap and painting everything - Continue




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