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Make Deadpools Katanas - Part 4 Finishing it

In this part of the tutorial we add the strap to the harness and we paint everything to finish it.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here




Cut a strap from cloth or vinyl

Cut a strip of some kind of fabric or thin leather. It is about two inches wide and about four feet in length. You can adjust these dimensions to your body size. It is much like a guitar strap.


Add slots for the strap

Flip the harness over and cut two slots wide enough for your strap. Make the slots on opposing corners, one upper corner and one lower corner.


Add teh strap

Glue the ends of the strap into those slots.


This is how you wear it

You wear it by sliding the strap over your head and under one arm. The red lines show how the straps go.


The only thing remaining is to paint it. This has a very easy paint scheme. The handles and the harness are black. And the blades of the katanas are silver. Of course you can paint it any way your imagination takes you! Congratulations on making Deadpools Katanas.

The completed katanas and harness


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