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Make Excalibur Part 3: Painting and detailing the sword

In this part of the tutorial we paint and detail the sword. We detail it b adding a damascus pattern.



The color scheme for this sword is very easy. Let's start with the handle. We paint it red. But don't use plain red that is straight from the bottle. That's a bit too colorful and it will make it look a bit like plastic. Let's mute it and give it a little bit of red leather feel. Add a little bit of black to it. Just a little bit!


Go ahead and paint the handle red. But don't paint those small collars that we had drawn on with pencil. Those will be gold.


Then paint the guard, pommel and the two drawn on collars gold. And finish it off by painting the blade silver.


Next we will add the fuller (commonly referred to as the blood groove). Use a ruler to measure it out and to draw the lines. Make it 3/8 of an inch wide and centered on the blade of the sword.

This is what it should look like. And once you have the lines drawn out you should go over them with a blunted pencil, pressing down firmly to create an indent. This will give the fuller a little bit of a 3d look.



Finish the fuller on the other end of the sword like this, with a half circle. And it ends about 6 inches from the tip.


The Excalibur sword in the movie has a pattern welded blade. This type of blade patterning is often referred to as damascus steel. Notice the knife here in the picture. It has a pattern welded blade. We are going to use a pencil to simulate this pattern in our Excalibur. (Note: I make this knife in a tutorial here if you would like to learn more about it)


Go ahead and draw on the pattern. Have some fun with it. You don't have to do the full blade. Do as much as you want. Don't pattern the fuller. That should remain plain.


Next Let's finish off the sword by wrapping the handle





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