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Make Fili's Warhammer - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we carve out the head of the warhammer.

Part 1 ( the beginning) of this tutorial with video is here



This is what you end up with after those eight cuts. It looks great. Already looking like a warhammer.

The Basic shape


SHarpen edges with sand paper

If you want to sharpen those cut edges you can do it with sandpaper and a wooden block like this.









Ok, now take template 2 and put it on the hammer like this. Mark those lines you see in red. You do this twice on this surface and on the other three surfaces. You end up placing and marking this template eight times.

Apply template 2


Ok, so this first side is marked. You do this on all four sides.

Do all four sides


Cut grooves

Now cut half inch deep grooves on those lines like this. Do all of them there are a total of eight. Two on each side.









Place template 3


Now place template 3 like this on the hammer head and trace it. You do this eight times also.









The pattern on each edge

You end up with a pattern like this on each edge of the hammer.










Rasp out the shape

Now carve the space around those template 3 drawings. You want to bring it flush to the half inch cuts you made earlier.

You can use a variety of tools to do this. A rasp will do very well.







The results of rasping

It will end up looking like this.









NextLet's continue with the tutorial


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