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Make Fili's Warhammer - Part 3


In this part of the tutorial we finish the carving of the hammer head.

Part 1 ( the beginning) of this tutorial with video is here


Now draw these lines on the hammer head. Do it on each surface of the hammer. So you end up drawing sixteen lines.


Do these cuts


Rasp them out

Then rasp down those sections.







It ends up looking like this. Nice work!

It looks good


Mark like this

Now draw this line. It is about one inch in from the end. And you do this in all eight spots.









Cut the angles

Now cut away all that area. I used a hacksaw blade. Be sure to angle the cuts so you maintain that pyramid like shape on the four corner parts that are sticking up.








Finish with a knife

Now finish the carving with a hobby knife. Carve out dimple like shapes in the middle of those four diamond patterns.









Sand the rough edges smooth

Now you can finish it all off with a little bit of sanding. But, keeping the texture of the foam a bit rough is also nice. It gives it a forged steel look.








NextLet's continue with the tutorial



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