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Make Fili's Warhammer Part 5


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the warhammer by painting it.

Part 1 ( the beginning) of this tutorial with video is here


Paint the pommel, the collar and the upper part of the handle all silver.


Paint the pommel   Paint the handle


Paint the head black

Paint the head of the hammer black. Give it a thick coat. And proceed to the next step before this black coat dries!








Add silver

Now, while that black is still wet brush on silver paint.









Dapple the silver

Continue adding silver and dapple it on. Because the black paint is wet this will have a nice effect.

Experiment with this a bit. It will look great. Add more silver and continue doing this. Do the triangles and diamonds. But also do the other parts of the hammer. But, make those triangles and diamonds more silvery than the rest of the hammer.






That's It! Your Warhammer is done!

The completed warhammer


Closeup of the hammer


Make the Club of Hercules

The club of hercules


This is just like the club that Dwayne Johnson uses in the movie Hercules. Fun and easy to make with just a few basic materials like a tube, foamboard and tape. Make the Club of Hercules


Make the sword Zar'roc from Eragon

Fun little project. You only need one sheet of foamboard. And we make the jewel in the hilt by casting resin into an egg. Yup, no rubber mold is needed. Make the sword Zar'roc from Eragon




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