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Adventure Time: Make Finn's Sword (part 3)


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the sword.



Painting the hilt is the last part of the sword that needs to be painted. For this we used black and navy blue paint with a hint of gray. Since the gray made no changes to the shade of the black/blue mixed together, you do not need to use any.





Here is the end result:

We used black paint for the darker parts, and the funky navy blue concoction pictured above for all the detail work (the lines and the hash symbol, and the very inner edge of the circle shape on the hilt). This is should be done on both sides of the sword (and make sure you paint the sides black, too)! When you're done, once again, set it out to dry for a few minutes before moving on.

  • While you're waiting for the sword to dry, get your glue gun heated up. Grab your scissors, a pencil, and your leather/grey fabric. The next step is very easy to do yet a little difficult to explain. As you can see in the above photo, there are some clearly defined shapes on the handle. The blank spaces are going to be filled in with fabric. So basically, either trace these shapes right from the template onto your fabric using a pencil or marker, or eyeball out the shapes. Make sure they're the right size before gluing anything down.
  • The paint should be dry by now on the handle, and you can continue working on cutting out your leather/fabric shapes to fill in the white spaces. We did this by placing calf skin leather on the handle and generally eying out the shapes, matching them up, and trimming down any shapes with the scissors.



  • When we were sure we had the proper shapes (leaving enough space between them so that the blue lines are still visible, we glued them down with the hot glue gun one at a time. Here is the result:



As you can see, there are still some white spaces left over, and generally a couple of places that need to be touched up with blue paint. We fixed these by filling them in with a fine tip brush.


  • The next step is filling in the tip of the handle with red cellophane. If you don't have cellophane you can use paint or plastic or fake gems. All of those would look great! Don't be afraid to use your imagination.


We decided to use cellophane, which was very simple and easy. All we did was place the cellophane over the circular shape (because you can see through it) and trace the shape with a marker, then we cut it out with a pair of scissors.






Because there's a depression in the foam board, our cellophane circle fit pretty perfectly into the foam. It fit so perfectly that when in place, it did not require any glue to hold it there. You may need glue. If so, hot glue is the way to go.






We noticed some white parts of the foam were very noticeable so we carefully touched those up with some more of the blue paint. This is the last and final step: take a look at your sword and see if there are any places that need a bit of a touch-up. Dab at those spots with a fine tip paint brush.












•  That's it! Mathematical! Enjoy your new Golden Sword of Battle!



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