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How to Make Foam Armor Shoulders, Biceps and Elbows - Page 2


In this part of the tutorial we begin making the armor by cutting and shaping the shoulder piece. This is the hardest piece to make and it is actually quite easy.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



The template

Print up the template. Cut out and tape together the pieces. It is a very simple template.

Cut out parts 1a and 1b and then tape them together.

Cut out parts 2a and 2b and tape them together.

Cut out parts 3a and 3b and tape them together.

Part 4 is a single piece you just need to cut out.


Trace onto cardboard

Glue down your four pieces to cereal box cardboard or something similar like poster board. We want a nice cardboard layer here . This picture shows part 1 glued down to cereal box.


Cut here

Cut out those pieces. And notice the slots on part 1. Be sure to cut those slots too.


Shape it

Now let's form the actual shoulder shape. Grab that piece and hold it like this.


The shape

Now move your hands toward each other. See what happens? A three dimensional shape happens. And makes sure the center rectangular piece is on the inside not on the outside near you.

It is a simple thing and it forms a nice shoulder shape. Tinker with this a bit and get a feel for it. Throw a piece of tape on it and try it on your shoulder until you get a nice comfortable yet loose fit.


Fit to shoulder

This is about right for my shoulder.


Tape it in place

Once you have it right go ahead and tape it with masking tape. And use plenty of tape. You can even cover the whole outside of it. That will make it nice and strong.


Glue it

Let's apply a sheet of foam to this shoulder. Lay it down like this and put a nice even coat of glue on that surface that is currently up. Not the top of shoulder part. The part that is right now up.



Apply foam

Now gently apply a sheet of foam to it. The white dots show you where the shoulder piece is under the foam.


A look at the glued surface

This picture gives you a good look at what surface we have glued. My hands are pressing it down so the glue sets. Next apply glue to the sides of the shoulder like the arrows show. And lift up the foam so it sticks to those sides.


Cut slits on dotted lines

Ok! The sides are glued. Now we need to cut a couple of slits and glue down the remaining surface. The dotted lines show here where to cut your slits in the foam.


Fold over and trim

Here is another picture just so you can see how to cut that final piece and how it folds over and glues to the shoulder. The dotted line shows where to cut the foam.


Next Ok, the shoulder piece is done. Let's continue



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