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How to Make Foam Armor Shoulders, Biceps and Elbows - Page 3


In this part of the tutorial we assemble the four parts of the armor together.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



If you haven't done it already you should now make part 2. Cut out the template pieces, tape them together, glue that to cereal box cardboard. Then glue it to foam and cut it out.


Here is what you end up with.


We are going to pin it into the inside of the shoulder piece like this. And that red dot is where the pin will go - both on this side and the other side of it.

Note that part 2 is a little oversized in the template. This allows you to trim it to size as you install it in your shoulder piece.

Line the two pieces up so they look good and use a sharp tool to puncture a hole through them like this. Just a small hole is fine. Enough to fit a couple of pieces of wire through. Do this on the other side too.


Now double up a piece of wire and feed it through that hole set.


You can bend it over on the inside and the outside something like this. This way it is nice and strong and will hold. yet it still will hinge.


You can also do something like this, shaping the inside and outside ends of the wire into a circle. This will give it extra hold. Later we will cover these wires with hot glue to make them look like rivets.


Ok! Parts 1 and 2 are assembled together and it looks great and you have some hinging motion in it.

NextLet's continue with the tutorial



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