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How to Make Gandalf the Grey's Staff : Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we finish making the crystal to go inside the staff. Then we start making the staff.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Easy Cast

We are going to use a product called Easy Cast for this. it is a two part epoxy resin that is inexpensive and very easy to use.


Mix equal parts

Mix equal parts of the two part epoxy together.


Pour into mold

And then pour it into your mold in a thin and steady stream. Pouring a thin stream will minimize the trapping of bubbles in your resin.


The cast crystal

Once the resin has cured you can remove it from the mold. There you go. You have made a crystal.


The bulb

Now we want to mount some kind of a bulb into the crystal so it will light up. I have this old christmas bulb. I tested it with a nine volt battery and it works great.

You can also do this part with an LED and resistor. But, the LED's that I used were not quite bright enough. So I went with this little bulb. But it is an option for you.


drill a hole in the crystal

This easy cast resin is easy to drill. I drilled a long hole in the end of it. Long and wide enough to fit my bulb.


So, next we glue the bulb into the crystal then wire it together with a switch and a battery.

The circuit


Next Ok, the crystal and the light is done. Let's make the staff! (Continue)


Saruman's Staff

Make Saruman's Staff from Lord of the Rings

This is a nice looking project that is very easy to make. I give you the template and show you several easy ways to make the glass globe in the center. Make Saruman's Staff from Lord of the Rings



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