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Make Gimli's Axe - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the making of the axe and we paint it.


Part 1 of this tutorial is here




The roughened surface

Here is the surface starting to be roughened. Continue to do this.


Cut the axe edge

Now use a sharp knife at a sharp angle to cut the blade edge.


Make the coupling

Now let's attach the axe to the nine inch piece of handle we have. We do this with a little coupling assembly. There are four pieces of the coupling.

You glue them down like this. First put down a rectangular piece, then glue down one of the odd shaped pieces, then a second odd shaped piece then finally a rectangular piece. It's a stack of four.

Finish the coupling

Here I am, about ready to glue that fourth piece right on the top.

You can already see how the axe is going to slide right into that slot we are making.

Attach coupling to axehead

Attach the coupling to the axe head. The axehead fits right into the channel on the coupling.


Glue axe heads to short handle

Then attach that to the nine inch piece of foamboard that you made.


assemble handle halves

Then glue the two handle halves together end to end. That's the nine inch piece and the longer piece. Use hot glue if you have it. Then you should tape over the joint so it is nice and strong.

NextOKAY! We are ready to add the details and paint it!!!


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