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Make Glamdring Part 4: Finishing it


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the sword by painting it and adding the details.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



paint the blade a base color

Next apply a coat of base paint to the both sides of the blade.


Paint the Pommel assembly

And the Pommel assembly.


paint it silver

Now paint the guard, the pommel, and the blade silver. Yay! Finally.


add the lettering

Add the lettering to the guard of the sword. The exact lettering is in the template if you want to make it accurate. This picture shows the lettering only just being started.


attach pommel to tang

The only thing remaining is to glue the pommel onto the tang just like you see here.

The pommel is glued

It looks good!


The only thing remaining (optional). Is to paint the handle blue if you didn't use electrical tape. I used some blue just to touch it up.

add a jewel

Use a hot glue gun to add a glob of glue in the shape of a jewel. Then paint that jewel blue. This jewel is a nice touch.



That's it! Glamdring is done! Yay!

The finished Glamdring



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