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Make Ice from Game of Thrones - Continued


In this part of the tutorial we add the blood groove to the sword and we paint it.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here




Mark the groove lines

With a pencil and a ruler draw a pair of lines down the middle of the sword. These lines should be 3/4 inch apart. Start at the hilt of the sword like you see here.


Not to the point

But don't draw them all the way to the point. A few inches from the point is good.


Cut it out

Go ahead and cut those lines all the way around and cut through the whole top layer of foamboard.


Dig out the groove

Then dig that fuller right out with a tool like a flat head screwdriver.


Cut towel tube

Cut a few one inch strips of paper towel tube.


Strips go in the groove

You can lay those strips in the blood groove.


Use masking tape

If you want this groove to look a little better you can actually cut strips of paper towel tube a little wider than an inch and line several of them up. Then run a length of one inch wide masking tape across them. This tapes them all end to end. Now you can cut to the one inch width of masking tape.


Install the tube

And you can glue that into the groove. Push it down in the middle so it bows nicely.


Sand it

At this point you can sand it down to smooth it out or get rid of any burrs.


Use a belt sander

A belt sander, if you have one, works great to smooth and straighten it out nicely.


NextOk, let's finish it up by painting it.



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