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Make Ned Stark's Sword "Ice"
from Game of Thrones


There are a couple of unique things about this sword. First off it is very large yet very strong. That is because I show you an interlocking method of foam board sword making. Secondly it has a blood groove in it (a fuller) and I show you how to make that too.

I also have a video tutorial on how to do this sword. It is at the bottom of this page.

I use standard foam board sheets for this. The sheets that are 30 inches long. So you can get those at walmart, drug stores and office supply stores.

The template for this project is right here.


The Sword Ice


The Blood Groove

Here is a closeup look at how the blood groove is made in this sword. A three quarter inch slot is cut in the sword and a one inch wide strip of paper towel roll is glued into it.






Let's Make this sword

Cut the pieces out

Print up the template (right here) and cut out the pieces.








Now you want to assemble those paper pieces into their corresponding sword pieces. Here is the layout. This layout is also in your template. Notice how you don't actually make a complete sword. See how there is a 1,2, and 3 taped together. Now take all these pieces and trace them onto your foam board. And you tape pieces A, B, and C together.

Illustration showing how the sword is assembled


Trace the patterns

Now trace those template pieces onto your foamboard or cardboard. If you use corrugated cardboard lay it out so the corrugations go the long length of the sword. Don't put it so the corrugations go from side to side on the sword.





Cut out the piecesNow cut out those pieces.







Next lets Glue this sword together. Lay those foam board pieces on a table like this. A is 1,2,3 from the above picture. B is 4,5,6. etc. Glue C and D right on top of A and B. They will overlap. Then Glue E and F right on top of that. This forms your sword/handle piece in three layers. It creates an interlocking of the pieces. This makes it very strong. Which is good because this sword is pretty long!

Glue the blade section together


The layers are done


Now let's make the guard of the sword. Thats the crosspiece. Lay down part ABC, and glue G,H,I to the left, and J,K,L to the right. It leaves a gap right in the middle for that sword.


The gap in the guard



Glue guard to blade

Go ahead and glue that blade into it just like this. It makes a nice fit.







Finish the sword assembly

Now go ahead and glue the final piece on (D,E,F) That completes the making of the sword.







NextOk, let's make the blood groove in the sword




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