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Make Kili's Sword - Part 2


In this part of the tutoiral we put together the main piecs of the sword and we add the aluminum foil.


Part 1 -the beginning- of this tutorial is here



apply glue stick

Apply glue stick or a thin coat of glue to both of the sword pieces.


Apply the foil

And apply aluminum foil to these two pieces. Apply it with the shiny side down and gently press and rub it so it is pretty smooth. Pay particular attention to the beveled edges.


Trim the foil

Trim away the excess foil.


GLue together the two halves of the sword

Glue together the two halves.


Touch up with foil bits

If the edges of your sword need some matching you can tear small pieces of foil and glue stick them on.


Glue handle pieces on

Cut out part D in the template and trace two on foam board. Cut those two pieces out and glue them to the handle of the sword like this. One on each side of the sword.


Bevel the handle

Use a hobby knife to round out the handle a bit. And use sand paper to smooth the roundness. Don't make it perfectly round as a handle. Just knock off the corners.


The handle looks good

Round it out like this. It looks great.


Tape the handle

Wrap masking tape around the handle. This creates a nice texture on the handle.


Paint the handle black

paint the whole handle assembly black.


NextOkay, Let's continue with the tutorial

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