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Make Kili's Sword - part 3


In this part of the tutorial we do the ornamental work on the sword which looks really great and we begin some of the painting.


Part 1 -the beginning- of this tutorial is here



Glue the parts to cardboard

Cut parts one thru five out (there are two of each) and glue stick them down to cereal box cardboard.


Cut away the gray

Cut out all those pieces by cutting away all the gray.


Add details to handle

Now glue all those various ornaments down to the handle of the sword. And in the middle of each of the leaf shapes put a dot of hot glue. In the picture you see the red lines showing where two of the hot glue dots go.

There are also hot glue dots in each of the diamonds of the long piece on the handle.

Repeat this same thing on the other side of the sword handle.


Add hot glue details

Now use a hot glue gun to create a series of ridges on the handle like this.


Paint it all black

Now paint everything on that handle assembly black.


Dapple effects on sword

Use a pencil to dapple in lots of dimples on the sword. This will give it a nice aged steel look. No need to do the whole blade. That would be a whole lot of dappling! Just do it in random areas.


Dappling looks good

This closeup gives you an idea of the random dappling. They are randomly placed, bunched up a bit and they vary in depth/size. Think of it as the surface of the moon kind of.


Now use a ruler and pencil to imprint the fuller down the middle of the sword. The fuller is two lines that start about 3/4 of an inch apart then come to a point near the tip of the sword.

draw a fuller

Now use the pencil to scribble in a random pattern inside the fuller.

Write in random lines


NextLet's continue with the tutorial and paint the sword



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