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Make Kili's Sword - Part 4


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the sword by painting it.

Part 1 -the beginning- of this tutorial is here



dry brush some red

Now dry brush a little bit of red into the deep parts of the guard. We dry brush because it will give it a nice look of depth and use.


How to dry brush

Dry brushing is where you put paint on the brush then dab most of it off on a scrap of paper. This leaves just a small amount of dry paint on the brush. This picture shows the glob of paint we dipped in then you me currently dabbbing most of the paint off onto the paper.


Paint the handle red

Paint the handle red. This isn't drybrushed. It is normal painting. Don't paint the cereal box ornament pieces red.


Dry brush the blade

Now drybrush black onto the blade portion. Put a little bit of extra brushing into the fuller. This dry brushing will give the blade a nice aged look.


Paint the details silver

Now finish it off by painting all the various cereal box pieces silver. Don't make them a solid silver, make it a bit patchy. That will give it a good aged look.


That's it! The sword is done. Congratulations!!

The completed sword


a mini crossbow




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A goldfish tank

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