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Make Longclaw from Game of Thrones - Continued


This is part 2 of the tutorial on how to make Longclaw from The Game of Thrones. In this part we finish it off.

Part 1, including the template, is here.



Cut some craft foam

Cut yourself two pieces of craft foam to fit on the handle of the sword.


The inscription

Emboss the inscription on each of them. One says I am the Sword and the other says In the Darkness.


Tape the foam to the handle

Then tape one to each side of the handle. The picture shows it only partially taped. Continue to tape around the full edge of the foam piece so it won't come loose when holding the sword.


Add detail to accent the inscription

If the lettering is a little vague you can touch it up and accent it with silver or white paint.


Now Let's Make the Pommel

The pommel

The pommel is easy enough. Cut and shape a piece of foam to look like this.


Attach the wolfhead drawing

The wolfhead drawing is easy enough. It comes with the template. Cut it out and tape it to the pommel. Then use a ball point pen to draw over it, pressing down so the image is imprinted on the pommel. Do this twice, once on each side.


Cut a well in the bottom

Cut a well in the bottom of the pommel so it will fit over the end of the handle on the sword. If this is unclear you will see in a bit what I mean. This slides over the end of the handle.


Paint the pommel

Now paint up that pommel.


Add ruby eyes

Now, you can add a nice little detail if you have some costume jewelry or some plastic red gems. Cut them to shape and glue them into the eye slots like this.


Install the pommelNow wrap a few wraps of white electrical tape around the end of the sword then glue the pommel right on. Some of the white tape should still show after the pommel is glued on.


The only thing that remains is to paint the fuller (blood groove) on the sword. Draw two lines down the center of the sword about a half inch apart and mask them off with tape. Then paint that gap between them. Once the paint is dry you can pull off the tape.


Tape and paint the fuller

That's It! Your sword is complete!

The completed project


Game of Thrones Season 1 [HD]


Game of Thrones Longclaw Letter Opener


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