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Make Ludwig's Holy Blade from Bloodborne - Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we start making the sword And we start on the sheath first. This is the outer sword.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Print up the template

Print up the template and cut out the six pieces that make up the sword.






Tape those six pieces together to form the sword template like this.

Tape template pieces together


Trace onto foam board

Use that template to trace out the sword parts on foam board. The sword is bigger than the foam board so you have to break it up into two pieces.






How they will assemble

Make three of the swords on foamboard. And vary the place they separate. This way we can glue them all together and they will hold tight. We alternate where we put the cut like you see in the picture here.









The three sheets of the blade

Here are the three swords cut out of foamboard. The red dotted lines show you where the seams are.




Glue pieces together

Glue those three swords together, one right on top of the other.





Now clean up the edges with a sharp knife and sandpaper.

Trim it  Sand smooth


NextOk, Now let's fit this inner sword to the outer sword (continue)



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