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Make Ludwig's Holy Sword - part 5

In this part of the tutorial we do the carving on the sword.


part 1 of this tutorial is here



Mark the bevel

Lets do some of the guideline markings on the sword before we carve and paint it.

First mark a two inch border on both edges of the blade. This will be the bevel. I used a piece of foam board to act as a little tool to mark this line.






Trim the bevel

And then cut those bevels. I used a hot wire foam cutter but you can use whatever tools you have available.







Hot wire foam cutterHot Wire Foam Cutter

(This is the exact one that Will uses) The Hot Wire Foam Cutter has adjustable collars allowing for clean, accurate cuts in foam. Woodland Scenics recommends using only on SubTerrain white foam which emits no toxic fumes. Use only special nichrome replacement wire. The throat of the Hot Wire Foam Cutter is 4.5" wide by 5.5" deep. Input: 120VAC and Output: 9VAC, 1300mA.



Teh beels

The bevels look good. Flip the sword over and do the bevels on the other side too.





Draw the design

The outer sword has a whole lot of wonderful ornamentation on it. You can paint it all on or you can carve it in. Either way start by sketching it all out lightly with a pencil. This way you can adjust it as you go until you get it the way you want.





Darken the drawings

Once you have the drawings the way you want them you can finalize it all and make it easy to see with a sharpie or marker.






Carve ouit the designs

Then, if you want it all carved you can carve it. I used a dremel tool.

NextLet's finish the sword by painting it






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