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Make Needle from Game of Thrones - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we finish the sword by wrapping the handle and doing the detail painting.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Wrap handle

Now we are going to wrap the handle in black leather or cloth. If you have any. If you don't have anything for this you can go ahead and paint the handle black.


Glue the wrap

Wrap it and glue it in place.


Mask the blade

Now we need to make the fuller (Blood Groove) down the center of the blade. We can do this a few different ways. You can use a ruler to draw two lines about a half inch apart then paint that space gray. Or you can use painters tape like this.


Paint the fuller

Go ahead and paint that fuller gray.


Mask the pommel

Now we wrap the top and the bottom of the handle with gold tape. If you don't have gold tape you can trim the handle leather and paint thes parts gold.


Paint this section

Paint the This section shown here a gray color. This is the Ricasso.



Paint the guard

Now paint the guard and the pommel silver. The guard is shown here being painted. The Pommel is the rounded thing at the very end of the handle.


Draw a dire wolf

Now draw a dire wolf head onto the ricasso. I have one in the template that you can use.


Add string to handle

Now let's wrap a double strand of string or twine around the handle. We start like this. Doing one wrap down the length of the handle so it looks like this. Glue it in a few places so it holds.


Cross wrap the handle

Then you wrap back up the length of the handle like this. It forms a nice crossing pattern on the handle.


Seal it

The only thing remaining is to seal it! If you have a spray sealant it will be perfect for this. But this step is optional. No need to worry about it if you have no sealant.



That's It! Your Sword is done!


Needle from Game of Thrones - The sword of Arya Stark


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