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Make Orcrist Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the sword by assembling the parts together and painting it.


Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Trim the edges

Just as we did earlier with the handle we now do with the extras that we added on (guard and pommel) . We mark and trim all the edges, rounding them out.

sand it

Ok, now do some light sanding to smooth things out.


add white glue

ok! Let's glue the whole thing together which is not much. Add a liberal amount of white glue into the slot of the handle.

Slide the pieces together

Slide the butt end of the blade right into that glued slot and seat it nice and tight all the way in.


Mod Podge it

Ok, now we can seal and protect that sword. (This is totally optional). If you have mod podge or some kind of a acrylic gloss medium then yo can go ahead and paint it on the blade and handle. This seals it and beefs it all up a little bit, giving it a nice feel and look.




Paint Handle brown

Paint the handle brown.


paint the silver

And paint the rest of the sword silver. This includes the blade, the guard and the pommel. If you don't have silver paint you can use a light gray.


Dry brushing

Now we are going to add a little detail to the handle by doing a technique called dry brushing. That is where you put a little brown on your paint brush then dab most of it off on a rag. Then quickly and lightly brush over the handle. This leaves just a little bit of highlighted brown on the handle.


Cut out the decals

Let's finish this sword off by adding the decals. I give you these. They are in the template. Cut them right out of the paper.


Apply the decals

Then glue them to the sword.


The decal placement

This picture shows you how to place those decals. They make continuous writing from one decal to the other.


Final Sealing coat

Ok! One final coat of mod podge or acrylic gloss medium ( all optional) and this sword is done .. Yay!






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