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Make the Riptide Sword Part 2


This is part 2 of the Riptide tutorial. In this part of the tutorial we finish up the sword. But we don't do the lighting of it.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here.



15. Using watered-down black acrylic paint, we’re going to apply a base coat to the Sword Detail piece as well as the Trident Detail. Make sure you do water down your paint because you want to be able to see the impressions of the designs made from the pen.

Paint the base black     Paint the trident black


16. Set those aside to dry fully.

Cut out the pommel

17. Find the Pommel Detail portion of the template package and trace that onto foamular. You’ll need only one. Cut it out, sand it down, and glue the piece in place. At this point in the project, we (the artisans at StormTheCastle.com) switched over to using hot glue at a very low temperature because it takes significantly less time to dry. If you are still using the PVA glue, then you’ll know by now that this will also take a while to dry.


Paint the base bronze

18. Next, using a flat tip paint brush and metallic acrylic paint in bronze, we’re going to paint the Sword Detail. When finished, set aside to dry.


Paint the trident gold

19. The next step is to take metallic gold acrylic paint or a gold leafing pen and paint the trident gold.


Shape the handle and the pommel

20. The next thing you can do (optional) is take fine grit sand paper and smooth out the hilt of the sword, creating contoured impressions so it fits better in the hand. Generally speaking this is pretty easy and quick. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes tops.

21. One last thing you can do optionally before we start the final touches of the sword is to reshape the pommel into a seashell shape and draw a few U-shapes on the bottom edge to mimic the ridges of a shell. This is a pretty nice detail because, as you know, Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon and his sword is of the sea.

22. Dust off the sword. It’s very important to do this before you start painting it.


Paint the blade gold

23. The next thing you’ll need is a can of gold metallic spray paint. Go outdoors or to a very well-ventilated area and spray the blade of the sword gold, taking extra precaution not to let the paint get on the foamular (just try to avoid it as much as possible, there’s no way around getting a light dusting on the part of the hilt that says “ANAKLUSMOS.”)

Glue the base and trident

24. Now, using a hot glue gun on its lowest setting if you have one, or the PVA glue, adhere the Sword Detail piece in place right above and touching the ANAKLUSMOS piece. Then, glue the trident on top of that.

Bronze detail paint

25. Using a fine tip brush and the bronze acrylic paint, it’s time to paint around the border of the ANAKLUSMOS on the hilt piece. See pictures for details.


Pommel gold

26. Paint the pommel gold using gold acrylic or a gold leafing pen.


More detail paint

27. Now grab some gold enamel, acrylic, or the gold leafing pen and color in the remainder of the space on the hilt detail. Make sure that you don’t put such a thick layer of paint on that you cannot see “ANAKLUSMOS” underneath it.



Paint handle brown

28. Next, grab some plain brown acrylic paint and a flat-tip brush. You’re going to paint the entire handle of the sword brown, making sure you cover the full 360 degrees. When you’re done, allow for it to dry, then dry brush some red enamel over it to give the handle a cherry wood coloring.

Paint red on handle


29. At this point, one side of your sword will be pretty glorious to look upon. We only did one side in this part of the tutorial because we’ll be showing you how to make an actual light-up trident on the other side. If you’re fine with the sword the way it is, you can simply decorate the other side in the exact same manner.
30. This is a good time to go back over and clean up your line work, make sure there aren’t any parts you forgot to paint, and to generally give the sword one last look-over. If you’re happy with what you see, then let that sword dry, and have a blast playing with it!


31. If you’d like to follow us along as we make an even more in-depth sword, then continue reading:(Add LED's to light up Riptide). Otherwise, your quest ends here, and we hope you’ve enjoyed making Riptide as much as we have!

Happy crafting from Storm the Castle!


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