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Make Senua's Blade from Hellblade - Part 3 assembly continued.

In this part of the tutorial we finish the assembly of the sword.


Glue together the two pommel pieces. One right on top of the other.

Glue the pommel layers together


Pommel is glued


And glue that assembly right onto the end of the handle.

Glue pommel onto handle


Next we add a nice little wrap onto that pommel and handle. This wrap will strengthen the bond between them.


Take this piece.

The pommel wrap


And cut it in half through the side of it just like you did with the tsuba wrap.

Cut the wrap in half


Then glue it on. It wraps around the ring and onto the handle. Make it nice and tight. It looks good but it also functions for strength.

Wrap the pommel


Assembling foam board pieces together means there are probably slightly mismatched edges. Particularly on the blade of the sword. Use some sand paper to smooth out all the edges.

Sand the edges of the sword smooth


nextOk, we have built the sword. Let's continue and paint it